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The search facility of the Storactive Knowledge Base can help you locate specific articles about information you need. The following information describes each of the search fields and will help you use the search facility more effectively.

We recommend that you enter general criteria to start, and then narrow down the results by selecting additional search criteria. Your search criteria is saved until you select Clear. 

Search the Knowledge Base for: Type the exact text for which you want to search. 


  • Only articles containing the exact text you typed will be retrieved. So if you search on "installation", and you do not find the article you want, you may try "install", "installing", or "uninstall".
  • If you type more that one word, articles that contain either of the words will be retrieved. (OR)
  • To search for more than one word, type the word "and" between each word you want to find. (AND)
  • To search for a specific phrase, enclose it in quotes, for example "discardable data."

Search type

Article ID: Type the ID of the article you want to find. The ID is listed on the bottom of each article page. When you enter the Article ID, all other search criteria are ignored.

Product: Select the check box beside the Storactive products about which you want information. Select the check boxes beside the versions of each product you want to search.

Component: Select the application component(s) about which you want information.

Modified: Select the timeframe within which the article was last modified.

Category: Select the type of issue about which you want information.

Search now: Begins the search. Articles matching all of your search criteria appear in the right side of the window. These results are sorted by relevancy. If more than 20 articles are found, you can use the Next button at the top or bottom of the results page to browse through the next group of articles.

Start over: Resets all search criteria back to the default selections.

Last Review: March 20, 2006

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